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          Contact:Alex Zhang
          Tel:+86 543 6274188
          Fax:+86 543 6274188
          address:Xixiaowang Town Industrial Park,Wudi County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province P. R. China

          why is sunshine

          Why is Sunshien better

          Due to its advantages such as waterproof, damp-proof,anti-termites, high degree of UV stability,various color and so on, Sunshien will surpass the performance of conventional timber in many areas. The Sunshien products won’t rot, crack,warp or splinter(so long as installed and used as recommended) meaning you can rest easy for more than 20 years.

          Sunshien products has revolutionised the look and feel of outdoor and indoor areas. Highly versatile, Sunshien blends beautifully with any architectural style.  From decking to Fencing to commercial outdoor and indoor areas, Sunshien creates very practical yet stylish outdoor and indoor living spaces that are also environmentally friendly.

          Since Sunshien groups have a big professional team including R&D department, quality control department, product design and so on. Our R&D department have rich experience in making wpc products,so our products have good quality. Sunshien has led the way in composite products in the north market in China.

          What makes Sunshien better?

          Made from reclaimed wood and recycled plastic, our products are wood plastic composites. They look and feel like natural timber, but require none of the maintenance of traditional timbers. You will not need to paint or stain our products since they come to exist contemporary colors and will maintain their beauty for years to come.

          Sunshien uses home-grown technology and is thoroughly tested in our laboratories, both internally and third party laboratories such as SGS to ensure we provide customers a safe, environmentally friendly, world class product.

          Sunshien products have been widely used in outdoor and indoor areas. They hae changed the scene of the indoor and outdoor areas more beautiful and environmental- friendly. Our products come in a range of textured finishes and colors to ensure there is a product that suits you.

          Our product features - such as its high degree of UV stability, high resistance to extreme weather, moisture and termites and low maintenance means Sunshien will out perform conventional timbers over 20 years.

          The result is Sunshien products are highly stable, low maintenance products meaning you can rest easy for years.

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